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When children fall ill, it can be terrifying to think about. You want to make sure that you can do everything in your power so that your child will be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, no matter what. If you have an accredited institution near you, that’s incredible, but sometimes you have to travel to ensure that your child gets the best care possible. The following are some of the best pediatric radiology centers in the United States.

Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
The Department of Radiology at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has an incredible exclusive pediatric radiology facility. Since 1950, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has kept up to date with state of the art equipment and has made sure that the staff has been trained to take care of all ages of children, from infants to late teens. The department itself is known as the regional leader in pediatric radiology, serving children throughout Florida, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

In 2020, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital became the first pediatric facility in the southeast United States to use a Siemens Healthineers Biograph Vision™ PET/CT scan. This system gets high-quality medical images in a fraction of the time it takes other scanners. Because of this, the rate of sedation in patients undergoing these studies is lowering, and some patients may not even need it at all.

Boston Children’s Hospital
The Department of Pediatric Radiology at Boston Children’s Hospital sees a variety of people, from newborns to children, to teenagers and even pregnant women. Their team of radiologists sees over 200,000 studies each year, using the most up-to-date equipment that you can use with children. Their team of radiologists each has specialized training in a particular disease or organ system, showing you that you have the best person possible on your team.

They’re incredibly aware that some of their procedures mean that it’s necessary to use radiation. Because of this, they’ve tailored both the equipment and protocols for children, keeping the radiation exposure as low as possible while still producing the best quality medical images possible. The radiology team is also aware that sometimes sedation is necessary. However, they ensure that your child’s safety and comfort are in mind. When applicable, there are also Try Without Anesthesia appointments to try and get the same scan without being sedated.

If your child is an anxious patient, have no fear! There’s a team of child life specialists that will help make your child’s experience as painless as possible. With the use of distraction techniques, like video goggles, music, and lighting, they’re sure your child’s anxiety will ease.

It’s terrifying when your child falls ill. However, there are places that you can go to make sure your child has the best experience possible.