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Telehealth delivers healthcare services and information through telecommunications technologies such as audio, video, and data transmission via computer networks or wireless devices. Providing these telemedicine solutions using videoconferencing technology provides a means to deliver care in ways that are often more convenient for patients than traditional methods. Here are the best telehealth companies.

  1. Sesame Care

Sesame Care enables consumers with chronic conditions to connect with their doctor remotely from anywhere, anytime, using any web-enabled device, no matter where they live. They do this using a secure platform, including a robust virtual practice model. This can include connecting remotely with their provider on a mobile app or desktop video call, exchanging health records, taking medication, or simply chatting. This service also allows providers to see the results of screenings, tests, and procedures in real-time when they’re performed.

  1. Plush Care

Plush Care is an online telehealth company based out of Texas which offers remote patient monitoring software and other telehealth services. Their medical staff will monitor patients’ vital signs, record them monthly, and provide them with reports on how their condition is progressing. For example, if they have diabetes, Plush Care will track their blood glucose level and send them alerts so that corrective action may be taken promptly.

  1. Teladoc

Teladoc is another telehealth company that uses proprietary software to assist clinicians in performing electronic visits to help patients who need urgent care or diagnose illnesses. The application also provides tools like video consultations to make it easy for patients to communicate with their physicians over the phone. It works similar to Skype, where both parties share their screens so the clinician can read what the patient tells him while listening to his responses. Doctors can then advise patients about treatment options, prescribe medications, suggest referrals, or examine them without requiring physical presence.

  1. MeMD

MeMD was founded by Dr. Stephen Barrett, MD, MBA after he developed issues with access to quality primary care due to long wait times at clinics. His vision was to change that and give people easier access to reliable and affordable health care, and he believes that high-speed internet connections and mobile apps make it possible. He has provided free telemedicine services to low-income families since 2000. Today, MeMD is one of the leading telehealth organizations offering doctors and nurses remote access to patient charts and medical histories with the option to conduct virtual exams and offer prescriptions.

  1. iCliniq

iCliniq innovative system helps physicians treat more patients and save money. Physicians can take appointments on their smartphones wherever they want and whenever it is most convenient for them, even while traveling. Through its cloud-based applications, iCliniq allows physicians to view detailed patient history and exam results, order diagnostic tests, consult with specialists, review lab results, review radiology images, accept payments, schedule home visits, manage schedules, and create patient portals and manage to the bill. Patients can receive care virtually from anywhere without leaving home.