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You can feel intimidated while getting an MRI, especially if it’s your first time, as you don’t know how to prepare. There is no need to worry, as preparing for an MRI is reasonably straightforward once your doctor approves the scan. This article will look at simple ways to prepare for your MRI.

Know how it works

 An MRI scanner enables a physician to see inside the body without X-rays, harmful dyes, or surgery. The scanner uses computers, radio waves, and powerful magnets to produce comprehensive images of your anatomy.

Establish that an MRI is safe for you

 An MRI scanner can be fatal or dangerous for some people with certain conditions. This is why it is essential to ensure that you are eligible to get one. For instance, you cannot get an MRI if you have metal inside your body, including rods, screws, wires, or metal plates. If you have a cardiac pacemaker, an MRI is not for you.

Carry the necessary documents

 Bring your doctor’s prescription, driver’s license, insurance card, safety sheet, and patient information sheet.

Unless advised otherwise, take medications and eat normally

An MRI doesn’t have medication restrictions, and you can also eat before you get the scan.

Remove any metallic objects

 You must remove all metallic things before entering the scanning room, which also applies to your guests. These objects include prosthetic devices, dentures, hearing aids, eyeglasses, coins, watches, keys, and jewelry. Your credit card should also be left outside the room. The magnet used by the MRI can corrupt your card’s information since it is magnetically coded.

Dress in loose, comfortable clothing

 Ensure that your clothes have no metal elements such as buttons or zippers. Do not wear makeup if your MRI is on the head or neck. Let the technician know of any tattoos, including eyeliner or eyebrow tattoos. Do not worry too much about clothing, as the facility will provide a hospital gown if yours is unsuitable.

Get to the MRI center 15 minutes early

Like other medical appointments, it would be a good idea to arrive early to fill out any extra paperwork required, change clothes, remove metallic items, and get settled. MRI scans usually take 15-45 minutes, and they do not have any physiological side effects. You can safely drive home afterward.